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Marcus L. Wilkerson – Featured Artist – May 24, 2017

  Marcus Wilkerson Featured Artist May 24, 2017 Saying “Hello” again to Marcus Wilkerson Article written by William Ellis Marcus Wilkerson Lexington, KY Young soul, eclectic, enterprising, engaging, humble, old soul,  avant garde , dreadlocks, teacher, soulful, American, African, capitalist, freedom to all peoples: there are just so many ways to describe Marcus Wilkerson, salesman of the probiotic honey soda, Jun-Bug (‘pronounced ‘Joon,’), the ancient relative of Kombucha”, and fantastically original and ecstatic composer of music who has “soon to be famous” written all over him.  A native of Louisville, Kentucky, Wilkerson studied Music Education and Performance at the University of Kentucky and now considers Lexington his “spiritual home.”  Besides a primal methodology which advocates using only hands to drum (that instrument, Wilkerson exclaims, of “no confusion”), he is a guitar-playing composer of heart-pounding music who “mixes American roots music” of the “Civil Rights (and peac

River Greene – Featured Artist – August 22, 2017

  River Greene Featured Artist August 22, 2017 Article written by William Ellis   In his song, “From Me to You  “ River Greene lets you in as his listener through an intimate door to his inimical world – a world he paints  in this instance  with familial details via a cadenced point of view as though you are already discretely aware of the personal dynamics which comprise a portrait of the singer / songwriter’s family.  Details of that familial arrangement are embedded within a fresh and earnest stream of consciousness that is as painfully wrenching as it is refreshingly direct and unpretentious. Yes, directness and incisive honesty are qualities which persist within this auspiciously youthful and seemingly old-soul’s lyrical demeanor as he wanders through the streets of Tokyo beaming with America (i.e. see his video “All I Know ”); as he seeks a contemplative and resolved social change (ditto on his tributes to teen shooting victims Trinity Gay and Angel Juarez in “Hands Up Guns Down,

Hayseed Dixie – Band of the Week – April 16, 2017

  Hayseed Dixie Band of the Week April 16, 2017 Let’s say Hey again to Heyseed Dixie!        It started with a note.  Sometime, somewhere in February, Carolyn Burnette sent an invitation from The Sound of Lexington to Hayseed Dixie to come to our studio and be recorded for our Barefoot KY TV podcast. They were invited as well (as is Carolyn’s tradition) to be interviewed and too, if they so desired, share donuts and a homemade meal.  John Wheeler, true to a self-engrained humility that stands in contrast to his otherwise frenetic, hard pulse playing style (that is, as lead guitar and vocalist of the internationally-known, bluegrass /rock band, Hayseed Dixie), took time to write back when other, lesser known bands, did not.   (Pictured to the left, John Wheeler) Of course, the difference between Wheeler’s and other lesser known bands actually lies in the fact that, as a “tribute” or “parody” band, Wheeler’s Hayseed Dixie (a phonetic play on AC/DC – the sole band whose songs Hayseed Dixi

The Local Honeys – Featured Artists – May 10, 2017 – article by William Ellis

  The Local Honeys Featured Artists May 10, 2017 Listening again to the Local Honey’s! All pictures taken by Carolyn Burnette at Sound of Lexington, LLC studio In one of their videos, “The Junkman,” the Local Honeys are a bit off track—certainly  not  from being Honeys—but from being—well—exactly local.  They are—as Linda Jean Stokley declares, “in Tennessee or Virginia.”  They “don’t really know.”  As the two of them sit with their instruments in their sun glazed car, Stokley introduces the video with what obviously occurs to the two of them as a somewhat unnatural “howdy!”  To this both Honeys immediately crack up, filling the car with an electric and giddy energy.  One can easily envy the carefree and youthful spirit that exudes from their joyful and beautiful—eyes.  But then something amazing happens.  The Local Honeys—Linda Jean Stokley and S. Montana Hobbs—begin to play and sing “The Junkman” (a tongue-in-cheek tune originally written by Don Rogers.) Almost immediately there is t

Lurch’s blog 11-23-20

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