Hi Sound of Lexington! Thanks for having us! Read on below to learn more about our band Prototype…

We’re a dynamic duo that’s joined forces to express our passion for a wide collection of musical genres complimentary of several generations. Steve Newbury grew up heavily influences by the Motown era as well as several generations of Jazz music. Brett Higgins was also raised in a household full of Motown, gospel music, classic rock, and much more. A lot of what he does today, he credits artists such as Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, John Legend, among others. When performing live, we give you a taste of feel good music at its best. Brett can captivate an audience as he glides across the floor, much like his favorite entertainer, Michael Jackson!

Make sure to check out the website to stay updated on when and where to see Prototype live –
They also have a Facebook page –


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