Barefoot KY Radio – April 30, 2017 – Feat Atrocity Machine – Rockcast no. 1


Barefoot KY Radio
14th Podcast April 30, 2017

Our first Heavy Rockcast

If you have original music and its of good recording quality and would like to submit it for our podcast then for more information look under the “radio” tab at

Carolyn Burnette

1.  Atrocity Machine  “Would You”  Mt. Sterling, KY

2.  Thiago Rabuske da Silva band Dust Commando, song is “Hold On” from Chaos lives in Fear” CD – Brazil

3.  The Past   “Listen True”  Lexington, KY

4.   Chromosome Damage   “Executioners”

5.  Captain Ivory   “Paper Towns”   “No Vacancy” CD – Nashville, TN

6.  Atrocity Machine    “Super Nova”

7.   David Hatton  “The One”  from Bounching Betty CD

8.   The Footsteps   “Too Good to be True”   “steppin’ Out” CD

9.   Bryant C. Project   “Truth”

10.   Atrocity Machine   “Winding Road”


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