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Upcoming Showcase at The Burl on May 18, 2017 – Sound of Lexington Live

  Sound of Lexington Live Join us at The Burl for one of the BEST LIVE SHOW’S in Lexington This Year! Get your tickets at: See the  Face Book event  page for more information! Our Next upcoming live variety show features some of Lexington areas finest!  Starting promptly at 7:00pm for those early birds,  Logan Fox  will open for us.  This young man is a great solo artist that you will really appreciate with his electric guitar and gravely voice.  Then at 7:30 the staged will be graced by the beautiful souls and voices of  The Compass Roses , the lovely duet of Melissa Johnathon and Jen Tackett.  Then we will get the party started as we help  Quint’s Revenge  celebrate their CD Opening party!  And just before we think things will settle down,  Warren Byrom and the Fabled Canelands  will play an awesome set that will keep us all going!  We are all getting so excited about this upcoming show!  And if that were not enough….!!!  Then…!!!   Wes So

Meet Lissy Taylor

  I’m so glad to here with you! So, a little bit about me… I was born and raised in Stoke-on-Trent, England, and moved to Lexington, KY in January of 2015.  I’m a young up and coming singer songwriter with my own distinctive vocal sound and signature acoustic style. I have performed around Staffordshire Englad and also in Lexington and surrounding areas of Kentucky. In April 2016, I was one of the winning acts at the Eastern Kentucky University Battle of the Bands Competition and I’ve gone to perform at festivals, WKYT CBS TV, and radio. I just completed my first album, “Reminds Me of You” and I’m happy to be able to share my passion of music on  You can find me on Facebook – Or on Twitter – You can also check out my website –

The Jenkins Twins

  Brothers Trenton and Trevor Jenkins from Irvine, Kentucky represent a culture that spans larger than the majestic foothills of the Appalachian mountains where they were raised. With their folk infused mix of Americana, rock, and bluegrass tunes, they represent a type of music that transcends genres and shatters the rules established by the music industry. In short, they jam out and they’re quite pleased to be a part of Sound of Lexington.   You can find The Jenkins Twins on Facebook: Their new EP “Alive and Well” is now on Spotify!

Taylor Hughes

My name is Taylor Hughes and I’m a local country artist and singer songwriter from Lexington, Ky. I’ve been playing music professionally for about 2 years now.  I got my start in Nashville singing for a TV comcast called ” Nashville Spotlight.” I have been performing as a solo artist and sometimes with my guitarist(s). I was nominated for 4 categories and won two awards at The 2016 Lexington Music Awards for best singer songwriter and song of the year. I’ve opened up for the following artist at the Lyric Theater : Angaleena Presley ( from Pistol Annies) Mud Morganfield with Kim Wilson The Holmes Brothers Striking Matches Chatham County Line The Secret Sisters, Olivia Dvorak, and Riley Green (at MMH.) I play all over Lexington and surrounding cities at places such as Manchester Music Hall, Parlay Social, Paulies Toasted Barrel, Nashville Palace, Twisted Cork, Azur, the Lyric Theater, Bigg Blue Martini, Two Old Hippies etc. I have worked and with world renowned vocal coach Renee Grant Wi

Cosmic Bliss Returns

  Enter the realm of bliss of ones mind to sacrifice the hypocrisy of humanity, for the greater truth. The pressure waves of my soul. I do it for the love, just like Sound of Lexington. Cosmic Bliss Returns’ music can be described as Americana, but with originality.  Check out the Facebook page –

The Local Honeys

  The Local Honeys are a charming duo, born and raised in Central and Eastern Kentucky. The pairing is comprised of Montana Hobbs and Linda Jean Stokley. Montana  and Linda Jean are the first females to graduate with Bachelor of Arts degrees in Traditional Music from Morehead State University. Their sincere dedication to Kentucky music led them to spend many late evenings in the college’s traditional music archives where they listened in awe to the many regional fiddle and banjo players from which they have drawn much of their repertoire. They listened eagerly through the static and crackle of many field recordings to transliterate the living and late Kentucky artists whose stories, songs, and tunes were recorded by those foreseeing the importance of their survival. These ladies have cultivated a distinguishing sound by utilizing their powerful voices, in both sweet and haunting, intricate harmony. Their voices lay fittingly suspended in air in a capella fashion or befittingly entwined

Michael Johnathon

  Sound of Lexington is excited to introduce Michael Johnathon of Woodsongs Old Time Radio Hour. Not only is Michael a talented folksinger himself, but he created Woodsongs to “celebrate grassroots music and the artists who make it.” Keep reading to learn more about Michael. Folksinger Michael Johnathon has a long-standing career in the arts as a songwriter, playwright, composer of the opera,  Woody: For the People , and as the host of the live audience broadcast of the  WoodSongs Old Time Radio Hour  with a radio audience with over two million listeners each week on 500 public radio stations, public television coast-to-coast, plus American Forces Radio Network in 173 nations. This ‘Woody Guthrie in a Cyber World’ grew up in upstate New York along the shores of the Hudson River. At 19 years old, he moved to the Mexican border town of Laredo, Texas and found a job working as the late night DJ on a small radio station. One night, he played ‘Turn, Turn, Turn’ by the 60’s folk rock group T

The Local Honeys on Barefoot KY TV

  Barefoot Kentucky TV Filmed at Sound of Lexington, LLC released 10-0-175

Triumph Kentucky – aka – Let’s Roll Kentucky – April 28, 2017

  Triumph Kentucky aka Let’s Roll Kentucky Meeting April 28, 2017 Location – Dave Hartsek’s home for cookout We had a really great meeting at Dave’s lovely home in Lexington on a beautiful Friday night.  He had everything laid out and ready for us when we arrived.  I was concerned that we were late because normally our get-together s run from about 4:30 to 6:00 pm mid-week, so when we showed up near 6:00 we thought we would be showing up for cold leftover we were pleasantly surprised to find out we were one of the early arrivers and came in just behind Darrell and Heidi. We were welcomed to the bright and clean home Dave has made for himself and also some roommates who help share his house.  His garage floor he had painted with a really cool paint that seems like more than paint, and not only that but the walls have drywall and even crown molding!  For sure the most beautiful garage that I’ve seen!  Lol He prepared ahead of time for us with all the fixins for our hamburgers and hot dog

Atrocity Machine

  Atrocity Machine is a heavy metal band with members Roger Norris, Brian Rupe & Tyler Berry. They hail from the hills of Eastern KY. As for the name, they say their sound is infectious…  They love being a part of the talented group of artists here on Sound of Lexington! Don’t forget to check out their “Band of the Week” post. Check out Atrocity Machine on Facebook:

Jordan Allen & The Bellwethers

  We are so excited to be a part of the love on Sound of Lexington. Here’s a little bit about us… Jordan Allen & The Bellwethers is an Americana-Folk group from London, KY that blends the musical stylings of the banjo, acoustic guitar, cello, bass guitar, and three-part harmony and the musical influences of The Beatles, The Steeldrivers, Kings of Leon, Mumford & Sons, and The Avett Brothers to create a unique sound unlike any other. They have kept a busy tour schedule since forming in May of 2013, touring in Kentucky, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Ohio. They have had the pleasure of opening for talented acts such as Folk Soul Revival and Holy Ghost Tent Revival, as well as playing the same festivals as people like Chris Stapleton, John Carter Cash, and Dave Eggar. Jordan Allen & The Bellwether’s love and appreciation for the classics, creativity in reinventing popular cover songs, and the originality of their songs are sure to keep you singing and


  Hi Sound of Lexington! Thanks for having us! Read on below to learn more about our band Prototype… We’re a dynamic duo that’s joined forces to express our passion for a wide collection of musical genres complimentary of several generations. Steve Newbury grew up heavily influences by the Motown era as well as several generations of Jazz music. Brett Higgins was also raised in a household full of Motown, gospel music, classic rock, and much more. A lot of what he does today, he credits artists such as Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, John Legend, among others. When performing live, we give you a taste of feel good music at its best. Brett can captivate an audience as he glides across the floor, much like his favorite entertainer, Michael Jackson! Make sure to check out the website to stay updated on when and where to see Prototype live – They also have a Facebook page –

Barefoot KY Radio – April 30, 2017 – Feat Atrocity Machine – Rockcast no. 1

  Barefoot KY Radio 14th Podcast April 30, 2017 Our first Heavy Rockcast If you have original music and its of good recording quality and would like to submit it for our podcast then for more information look under the “radio” tab at Hosts Carolyn Burnette BLUbeard 1.   Atrocity Machine   “Would You”  Mt. Sterling, KY 2.   Thiago Rabuske da Silva  band  Dust Commando , song is “Hold On” from Chaos lives in Fear” CD – Brazil 3.   The Past    “Listen True”  Lexington, KY 4.    Chromosome Damage    “Executioners” 5.   Captain Ivory    “Paper Towns”   “No Vacancy” CD – Nashville, TN 6.   Atrocity Machine     “Super Nova” 7.    David Hatton   “The One”  from Bounching Betty CD 8.    The Footsteps    “Too Good to be True”   “steppin’ Out” CD 9.    Bryant C. Project    “Truth” 10.    Atrocity Machine    “Winding Road”

Barefoot KY Radio – feat The Local Honeys – May 07, 2017

  Barefoot KY Radio 07/05/2017 – feat The Local Honeys Barefoot KY Radio 15th Podcast May 07, 2017 If you have original music and its of good recording quality and would like to submit it to our podcast then for more information look under the “radio” tab at Hosts Carolyn Burnette BLUbeard 1.   The Local Honeys   – Cigarette Trees – Band of the Week – Morehead, KY 2.   Taylor Austin Dye   – Let it Rain – Lexington, KY 3.    Jesse Taylor   – Be Okay – Lexington, KY 4.    The Lonetones   – I will do anything – Nashville, TN 5.   The Footsteps   – Floating on You – Lexington, KY 6.   Captain Ivory   – Six Minutes to Midnight – Nashville, TN 7.    Atrocity Machine   – Supernova – Mt. Sterling, KY 8.    Avery Crabtree   – Black Horses – Lexington, KY 9.    Shefton Kash   – Hank’s Whiskey – Campton, KY 10.    The Jenkins Twins   – Jellico – Irvin, KY 11.   Tom Boone & the Back Porch Pickers   – It didn’t work out that way – Louisville, KY 12.   Jordan Allen & the

Barefoot KY Radio – May 14, 2017 – Podcast 16 (strong language)

  Barefoot KY Radio 14/05/2017 – Podcast 16 May 15, 2017 Barefoot KY Radio 16th Podcast May 14, 2017 If you have original music and its of good recording quality and would like to submit it for our podcast then for more information look under the “radio” tab at Hosts Carolyn Burnette BLUbeard 1.   The Jenkins Twins  “Since You Went Away” from their “Alive and Well” CD – Irvine, KY 2.   Warren Byrom & The Fabled Canelands  “Song for Joyce” from “Fabled Canelands” CD – Lexington, KY 3.   David Hatton  “Bottoms Up” – Lexington, KY 4.    The Footsteps  “Down on the Ground” from “The Footsteps” CD – Lexington, KY 5.   The Past  “Waves” – out of Lexington, KY 6.   Abraham Mwinda  “Revolution” from his “Dream” CD feat Jessica McKenney 7.    River Greene  “Head Up”  – Winchester, KY 8.    Focust 1  “Understand Me” Feat Tota Stranger – Somerset and Mt. Sterling, KY 9.    Captain Ivory  “Paper Towns” 10.    Bryant Carter  “Face of a T

Let’s Roll Kentucky – TriumphKY# – Bathrooms and Businesses no.1

  Let’s Roll Kentucky Meeting with Heidi McKenzie Darrell Mattingly Carolyn Burnette Hello everyone, I’m a bit behind in posting this, especially since we just had our May meeting last night!  We discussed more in that meeting that I will post soon!  Until then please read this article and get an idea of where we are going with our Bathrooms and Businesses! Blessings!  Carolyn Heidi McKenzie, the queen of Lexington, and Darrell Mattingly, the best attitude in town, and I (regular joe lol)    met at The Campus Pub on Waller Ave. in Lexington to talk about our vision and mission statement for Let’s Roll Kentucky.    We talked about several items and one that kept coming up was the issue with public bathrooms for the handicapped at many of our local restaurants and pubs in Lexington.    There are several very old establishments that are not required to update their bathrooms because they were built before the laws were established back in 1992.    That was quite a while ago and we are thi